An Honored Tradition almost Lost to the Hands of Time

Have you ever taken a few moments to consider just how much the world has changed over the last couple decades? On a bigger-picture level, it’s certainly obvious, but an endless string of smaller details have become completely irrelevant without many even realizing it. Today’s youth will never understand some of the minor struggles previous generations faced. Playing a video game all the way through to keep from losing progress and even fighting with ice trays are only a couple of those fading memories.

Rising youngsters hear confusing terminology from their parents and grandparents on a regular basis. Despite having a perfectly logical origin, phrases like “roll up your window” and “hang up the phone” no longer hold any literal meaning. No doubt, any number of grownups still suggest “taping” a program to their children. They understand this means grabbing the TV remote and instructing the DVR to record a show, but why on Earth would mom call it taping?

Sorghum could be considered one of the many ideas now largely lost to time itself. Long before grocery store shelves offered multiple variations of the corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, water and caramel color blend manufacturers market as syrup, sorghum was the go-to option for biscuits and griddle cakes. By the way, griddle cakes are pancakes for anyone who may be a prime example of the issue unfolding. It’s got a rich flavor far more complex than that of today’s syrup and a consistency thicker than even the finest synthetic honey.

San Francisco-based vegan food company Hampton Creek is actually taking sorghum for pancakes to an entirely new level. They’re touted for creating products without the eggs or any other animal-derived ingredients, and sustainability is among the ideals by which the company lives. Sorghum is incorporated as a binding agent in many of their vegan-friendly foods. It’s also used to add natural sweetness instead of the notorious high fructose corn syrup.

This cane-based element almost lost to progress is helping fuel the company’s efforts to revolutionize the way the world views food. Of course, it can still be purchased at your local farmers market to drizzle over the top of Hampton Creek’s pancakes as well. While you’re enjoying this time-honored breakfast with your children, why not explain to them where some of the eccentricities you inadvertently utter actually come from? Don’t be afraid to keep the stories of your generation alive!