How Is Blooming Flower Tea Made?

There is one trend that is sweeping the world in tea production and that is blooming tea. This flower tea is made through a special process that ensures a high-quality end product is created. It is important a company first starts with purely organic ingredients so there is no danger of pesticide exposure. When all organic ingredients are used, the end result is a tea that is full of beneficial compounds that can help to protect the body from disease.

Calendula petals are used in this special tea because they are loaded with antioxidant compounds that can benefit the body. These special flowers are grown under precise conditions to ensure they are full of beta-carotene and other beneficial ingredients that can help to keep people healthy. The flowers are harvested, along with green tea leaves, so the special blooming flower can be created.

First, the petals are infused with all-natural fruit pulp for superior flavor. Kiss Me Organics offers many fruit flavors to entice any taste. Because each bloom can be used to steep a cup or small pot of tea four to five times, this is an economical way to enjoy tea on a regular basis. When one learns how the special bloom is created, they are truly amazed and want to experience this unique tea for themselves.

Once the flower petals have been infused, the blooming tea ball will be carefully created using a hand sewing technique that ensures each of the petals remains together during the steeping process. Hand-sewn flower buds are sturdier so they can be used more than once for creating a perfect cup of tea. The green tea leaves are used to envelop the special bloom and keep it protected.

Once this special tea has been created, it is packed into air-tight and light-proof tins to ensure the beneficial ingredients are preserved, along with the flavor. Those who are ready to learn more about this special tea should find Kiss Me Organics on Amazon. They produce the best blooming flower teas on the market and offer many flavors to ensure everyone can find one they will enjoy.