I’m Going for the Same Look That My Grandmother Had in Her Home

After apartment living for so many years, I told myself that I did not want to spend a lot of money on fixing up an apartment that isn’t a forever residence. Instead, I wanted to save my money so that I could buy a home and fix that up instead since I would be living in a home over the long-term. So, when I finally purchased a house, the first thing I did was head to Orange County Shutters online to set up a consultation for some really nice orange county blinds. I have been admiring this type of stutters for many years. I knew that I wanted to have them in my own home one day.

My grandmother used to live in South Carolina. My parents would take me to go visit her every summer, and she had a beautiful plantation-style home. It was inside her home where I first saw the shutters that I would soon find myself wanting for the next few decades. Hers were white, and she had a beautiful cream-colored rug, cream-colored wallpaper, gold-framed paintings on the wall, and matching beige furniture. The effect was absolutely stunning. I have photographs of her lovely home, and I refer to them often. I plan to go for the same look in my own place.

I can take him out to my house, and went over what we would need to do to cover most of the windows in my home with what I had in mind. Set my ideas would be perfectly doable, and she gave me a quote. I was pretty happy with the quoted price, and I felt that it was quite affordable, too. Everything was installed within just a few weeks. I waited until the installation was carried out to have my wallpaper installed, and it looks wonderful already.